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Wool Carts at Belltrees
Sheep and wool

Up until 1920, 100 people worked in the shearing shed where 180,000 sheep were shorn and 3,000 bales of wool were exported to England. The shearing Shed sits aloft a small rise, central to the property, as a reminder of our heritage. It is a dramatic piece of Australian architecture, designed by Horbery Hunt.

It was the first generation of White's (James White 1829) who came out from England to develop the Merino sheep industry here in Australia. They purchased Belltrees station in 1853 and set up a huge pastoral dynasty stretching to Ellerston in the North, Waverley Station to the West and Gundy to the South.

The wool industry is what made the White dynasty prevail in such might and splendour all the way through till the 1960’s. They accumulated land all over New South Wales and built magnificent houses as a testament to their success..  Continue tour...

Belltrees Wool Bins  

Belltrees Wool Shed