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Belltrees Horses

Horses have played an important part in the development of regional Australia and Belltrees.  Wool was transported to the market and building materials were back freighted. Horses were the main means of transport and the only means to muster livestock. Then on the weekend, they became a very important source of recreation and sport as camp drafting and polo became popular entertainment.

In the early 1900s Belltrees horses left our shores to help fight in the Boer War and have since continued to be exported all over the world as highly trained performance horses.

Belltrees stands now 3 stallions covering over 45 – 50 mares and around 100 horses are broken in under saddle. The barn will be full of polo ponies during the Polo season and from time to time the Horse breaker will be stationed at the arena breaking in the 3 year olds and handling the yearlings.  

Locally there are exciting polo matches to watch during the autumn and spring seasons at the Scone and Ellerston Polo Clubs. Scone Horses Trials conduct 2 major One Day Events every year on the local Cross Country course during March and September. The local village of Gundy plays host to the very popular Camp draft in August every year.  And the Hunter Valley cutting Horse Club come to Belltrees to train in the arena.